Tricia walking on a super massive tree in the Avenue of the Giants. This place is absolutely incredible and I definitely recommend it to anybody that wants to see something that will make them feel like a little kid again. 

old town atmosphere by L.S.P. tokyo

illuminated - Olympus OM-D E-M1 (by Andreas Voegele)

Ẁarm & Ṿὶntagἐ ☁ ☂


Vertical / Vintage / Indie / Nature

Vintage // Nature

Four pieces of sushi on a wood tray with chopsticks by lestaylorphoto on Flickr.
Missing Puzzle Piece

Tears that seclude the truth from leaking out

Seduced into submission by doubt

Denial ever ceasing to contrive what was once so blatant

Looking up to the sun in a stream of longing

The rays pierce the barrier and nullify smoke and fog

Straight into an abyss littered with chaos 

A harmony of undead dreams and an unquenchable appetite for fulfillment

Are cleared away only to leave behind a vacant thought

A reflection of empty reverie

The splendor of expectation terminates its own existence.

"Come back soon" I whisper in vain.

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